Destination Milan

Home of Italy’s stock exchange, Milan is the engine which powers the Italian economy and the most innovative city in the country.
Milan is the modern global capital of fashion and design, a shopper’s paradise and a vibrant, glamour place with lots of opportunities and a lively nightlife.
The city also boasts a unique artistic heritage: Da Vinci’s Last Supper, the Duomo and the Teatro alla Scala (the opera house) are just a few examples.
A fascinating compact historic center easily explored on foot through cobbled streets lined with boutiques, historic churches, some of the world’s finest museums and gardens.
Today Milan has vastly changed thanks to the Expo, the food-themed world fair held in the city from May to October 2015.
An urban revolution of unprecedented scale with rediscovered spaces under the sky, new parks, public and private art foundation museums, innumerable metropolitan renewal projects and Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels sprang up.
EXPO 2015 had a strong impact on Milan’s infrastructure, improving its already excellent hospitality system.
Only few European cities can, in fact, offer easy access from 170 world destinations, 30.000 hotel rooms and a far-reaching and low cost public transport network.
A revitalized city ready to receive the world, full of ideas to dress up an already fashionable city.
Milan is your ideal location for meetings and conferences, a place of charm that can’t remain undiscovered.

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